Many people believe that they smoke because they are nervous.  Or maybe because they have an “addictive personality.”  Others believe they smoke because they are weak, or maybe because, on some deep level, they hate themselves. 

None of these reasons are appropriate.  In fact, they are the opposite of why people smoke. 

The answer is, people smoke because they love themselves. 

You see, smoking in the short term can be a very effective strategy for feeling better.  We all know that long term smoking is an extremely poor decision.  However, in the short term, smoking one cigarette at a time is actually a good choice if one wants to simply improve their mood.

Smoking provides a sense of relief and a nice break from the world and its stressors.  There is a reason why, after all, people engage in such destructive habits. 

However, as we know, taking too many of those breaks for too long has disastrous results. 

What smoking tends to do is deaden emotional responses.  A slight bit of anxiety starts to accrue, and a cigarette is reached for.  Feeling uncomfortable about the upcoming presentation?  Cigarette. 

The only problem with this strategy for alleviating stress is that the negative emotions tend to come back even stronger.  And quite often, not feeling can become the norm.  Which means that positive emotions are lessened as a result as well. 

Often times, smokers report an influx of emotions, both positive and negative, once smoking has been alleviated.

Smoking keeps us from feeling uncomfortable.  We experience those emotions that we find unpleasant. 

A simple shift in understanding can greatly reduce the load and burden when attempting to quit. 

Realizing that you are actually smoking from a place of self love, can help you find new forms of coping with the world that provide even more care for yourself. 

Whether it be yoga, exercise, or simply being still and aware of emotions, self care and love can create new possibilities for action and existence. 

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