Being a hypnotherapist in Miami provides a wealth of opportunities to deliver a quality healing service that is second to none.

A wonderful element of hypnosis is that there are many methods of healing that can be utilized in order to achieve an excess of healing and positive outcomes.   None may be more advantageous in its capability to heal than Timeline Therapy.

In the pursuit of explaining how Timeline Therapy is utilized, and why it is desired as a means to harmonize our clients through their passage towards rejuvenation, it may be best explained by illustrating a simple metaphor.

Imagine, for a moment, purchasing a new computer.  Out of the box, the machine reveals itself to be flawless.  Fresh, fast, capable, and impressive.  With any luck, this elevated level of performance is maintained regularly. 

However, all too frequently through the course of time, the instrument may start to lag and underperform in several expressions.  What was once a model of efficiency, has become hindered in its actions and display.

The longevity of the battery decreases with range.  Opening emails causes assorted programs to grapple.  The machine has become quirky, with usage being its main culprit for peculiarities. 

In order to bring the computer back to its natural form of vitality, the contents that have been stored throughout its lifetime must be withdrawn.  In other words, clear the hard drive.

Timeline Therapy operates under the presupposition that human beings proceed in the same manner.

At birth, the infant begins its journey pure.  A beacon of light in its freest form, fully aligned and primed to navigate through the world with ease, optimism, and elation.  This magical, unbridled enthusiasm can last for years.  With any luck, well into adolescence.

However, through the course of life, events can (and will) happen that can cause negative shifts.  Unfortunately, traumas and negative incidents are an unavoidable facet of life.  Being bullied, physical accidents, confrontations, disappointments, and traumas are absolute conditions of the human journey.

As a result, what was once a pure and efficient mechanism void of any hinderance, has now become, quirky;

Being alone leads to excess eating or fear.  Social events cause uncontrollable anxiety and despair.  General depressions or addictions accumulate due to an influx of negative experiences.

Timeline therapy, in its simplest explanation, is a clearing of the hard drive (so to speak).  Much like the computer, where the only option is to remove all stored data to restore vitality, the client must also be wiped clean of a lifetime of adverse testimony. 

This ‘clearing of the hard drive’ is performed as a removal of stored negative emotion.  Moments that have accumulated, leading to stored anger, hurt, guilt, sadness, or fear, are tended to and addressed mindfully, leading to expulsion and a resulting freedom.

If a moment or occurrence in one’s life, when spoken about and remembered, creates internal negative emotion, it means that the client has yet to learn from it.  When recalling a conflict from 15 years ago causes a rush of fear, it means that the event has not yet been filed away.  In a sense, that moment and the subsequent fear live on, causing negative behaviors and disparaging beliefs.

Timeline Therapy gracefully guides the client back in time, addressing all negative events that caused negative emotions to remain.  When addressed, the client can actively heal any moment, from the viewpoint of a far wiser adult.  

A traumatic moment of bullying in adolescence, causing fear and social anxiety, can be rectified using an objective lens of adult wisdom.  “All kids get picked on at some point,” or “the peers who attempted to ridicule me were most likely hurting themselves” may be typical understandings derived.  

Once a complete understanding of these unfortunate, yet commonplace occurrences is realized, the client can allow all negative emotion to evaporate, allowing for the moment to simply be “filed away.” The removal of emotion, leads to a dramatic shift in behaviors and mindset.

The client can once again be reborn pure, fresh, and fast.  Social anxieties are replaced with connection and confidence.  Addictions such as smoking and alcohol, are interchanged with contentment and health. 

Every moment in one’s life, every situation, no matter how dreadful and traumatic, can be a chance to learn and grow.  It is in these powerful understandings that we heal, rise, and become powerful once again.

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