One of the common traits among most humans is that we are all our own worst critics.  It is said that it can be literally impossible to see ourselves as we really are.  This is why it is helpful to have people in our lives who can be honest with us about our strengths and our faults.

A common condition that exists is an overactive voice of self-criticism.  This little evil bugger holds no bounds in the areas where it can be active.  Maybe it tells us that we didn’t do as well on the presentation as we should have, or that the meal we made the other day was terrible and people were eating it to be polite.  It can even rear its ugly head by assaulting the word choice in a simple conversation we had with a neighbor.

This hyper-aggressive voice of criticism can arise from a variety of causes.  Most commonly, a parent or an authority figure made us feel less than or unworthy of love.  Or quite possibly, events of embarrassment or failure led us to believe that we are not able to operate properly in the world and that everything we do or say can and will be faulty. 

Constant analysis of the self in a detrimental and degrading manner can be quite draining and literally deprive or strip us of our creativity, expansion, and overall sense of self-worth.

By going back and viewing the events, moments, traumas, or people in our lives that delivered our negative beliefs about ourselves, giving birth to this vengeful voice, we can disarm it from its powers.  Properly viewing those moments from the wisdom of an objective adult can immediately cause our minds to operate in a completely different matter.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for rectifying the past and creating a positive future.  Viewing our past through a lens of wisdom leads too empowerment.  By healing and mending those moments that caused our hypercritical voice, we can allow it to dissipate quite rapidly. 

The critical voices were created as a means to keep us safe from judgment and ridicule.  However, the catch is that that is what we are doing to ourselves. 

By allowing that voice to die, we can give birth to a new way of thinking.  Thoughts of empowerment, encouragement, and self-appreciation.  Once those new patterns of thinking emerge, the world can open up, and we can finally be free to thrive and feel good about simply being us.

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