We all have strengths, accompanied by struggles.  We are all exemplary in some areas of our lives and fall short in others.

Many situations lead us to feel confident, while others can cause us to retract and shrink with anxiety.

More than that, maybe we just can’t seem to get certain tasks correct.  Perhaps waking up on time is forever elusive.  Sticking to a consistent gym routine seems to simply be for other people.

Whichever situation keeps you from achieving or feeling your best can be remedied by a simple fix:

Positive self-imagery!

Thats right.  How we see ourselves in our minds can simply alter behaviors, habits, and emotions.

Take a simple example.  Let’s say going to job interviews makes you nervous.  At arrival, sweating and a rapid heartbeat ensue.  Words get jumbled and slippery.  Mannerisms become frantic, and body language shows signs of nervousness or incompetence.  For these reasons, you have declared in your mind that you are not a good interviewer. 

What if I told you that you, your body, and your central nervous system are all reacting to how you see the situation playing out in your mind?  Fearful thoughts of how the situation will play out are actually causing the story to come true.

Imagine if, before the interview, you played a different movie in your mind.  One of confidence, ease, being personable, and the others responding to you confidently.  You simply imagine “nailing it” in every way, shape, and form. Let’s assume you played this movie over and over in your mind, as opposed to the fearful horror flick that has been running. 

How do you think you would feel going into the interview?

The behaviors, emotions, and results are likely to have shifted 180 degrees.

The power of how we see ourselves in our minds holds no bounds. 

Imagining ourselves operating optimally actually leads to better performance.  This is why golfers will take many practice swings before striking the ball.  Basketball players visualize the form and result before taking free throws. 

This powerful real-life technique can be applied to all areas of life. 

Visualization to enhance performance can be accomplished consciously through repetition.  Hypnosis, however, is a great mental state to permanently lock in positive imagery into the subconscious mind.  Giving the mind a new image to watch for any situation, almost immediately.

Seeing is believing, and our beliefs shape and sculpt our worlds. 

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