Out of all the healing modalities that hypnosis can offer, none may be more powerful than regression therapy.  The capabilities with regards to healing through regression therapy hold no bounds. 

The reason being that, during the course of life, there are many moments that arise that are simply left undone.  These events and moments require attention that has not yet been given.  These untouched moments can act like holes in your map of life, diluting your direction and frame of reference for reality. 

Meaning, if you can remember a moment and it causes you emotional discomfort, the problems that have arisen from these particular events have yet to be managed.  This is where the true power of regression therapy lies.

Taking the client “back” to a moment in time that may be painful allows one to process and work through the negative experience.  Often times, regressing back and viewing an incident from the lens of an adult can heal that part of us that was burdened, confused, or hurt.

A typical example may be a child who was bullied.  At the time, the child didn’t have the mental capacity to realize or come to some pivotal understandings.  Such as “everybody gets picked on at some point in childhood.” or “the kids doing the bullying are most likely hurting as well.” 

Whether it is a moment of abuse, an accident, or a simple social pho-pa, regressing back and addressing the moment from the lens of an adult can create long-lasting positive change.

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