Some people refer to it as the Law of Attraction.  Some would call it karma.  No matter what name or law you want to apply to it, there is one truth that is unavoidable: 

Our beliefs dictate how we see the world, and how it responds to us.  In that sense, we can literally create our own reality.

Let me provide an example:

If a single man is walking down the street,.  This man believes quite strongly that women do not like him, will reject him at a moment’s notice, and that he is unworthy of love and affection.  While walking, he notices a woman, whom he finds quite attractive, who glances in his direction.

This man, who finds himself to be unworthy, is likely to have many thoughts about that brief glance based on his beliefs.

“She’s probably disgusted by me and only looked at me for a split second because of it”

“She is probably relieved i didn’t say anything to her.”

“I’m sure she was noticing how pathetic I am.”

Because of those beliefs, this man who found the woman attractive, and who is single, will never say hi and meet her.  Reinforcing his beliefs, keeping him single, and self deprecating. 

Now, let’s look at a different man, for example, who is walking down the same street and encounters the same circumstance.  This man has a multitude of different beliefs about himself.  He feels he is a prize and has inherent value.  He assumes he has many traits a woman will find attractive.  And without question, he knows he is worthy of love and acceptance from the opposite sex.

When the woman he finds attractive shoots him a glance, his thoughts may look something like this:

“That woman just checked me out.”

“She must think I’m cute, and was giving me an invitation to say hi.”

“She couldn’t help but flirt with me.”

Because of these empowering beliefs, the actions of this man will likely be different.  Being single and empowered, he may simply say hi and strike up a conversation.  From there, a date or two will likely ensue, and who knows, maybe a new girlfriend will appear in his life.

Same exact circumstance, two different results based on opposite beliefs.  The real kicker is, that the belief systems reinforce themselves based on opposite actions.  Man A remains single, self deprecating, and lonely.  While the second created a new romantic interest for himself.  

Our belief systems literally shape and dictate our world.

The beliefs we have about ourselves can literally empower us or hold us back.  They can cause us to see struggle and pain, or good in the world and light.

They can motivate us or keep us shackled.  Our beliefs can lead us to amazing achievement or failure and despair.

At Miami Florida Hypnosis, it is our pleasure to shift and alter the negative belief systems many carry around.  We encourage our clients to note and notice, how each one of our beliefs is reinforced by our actions and, thus, the world around us.

By shifting and empowering ourselves from the negative, to the positive, the world we create becomes abundant.  

We can choose to believe anything we want about ourselves and the world around us.  It’s as simple as that.  The question is, what kind of life would you like to have?

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