Often times, when the practitioners of Miami Florida Hypnosis meet with clients attempting to stop smoking, they will say the following words:

“I am a smoker.”

“I have been a smoker for 20 years.”

Or something thereof.

This is a very detrimental way to describe oneself.  Words are powerful, and can have a great effect on our actions and how we feel.

Let me ask you: How easy do you think it will be to quit if you label yourself as a smoker?  Probably not that easy.  Walking around with the belief that you are, in fact, a smoker is going to cause you to do just that: smoke.

When we analyze it further, we can see that it is quite ridiculous.  There are many activities you engage in every single day, and you don’t dare define yourself by those actions.  You would never call yourself an “eater” or a “sleeper.”.  You wouldn’t, because even though you do those things, it would be silly to let them define you.  

One of the first conscious lessons we teach our smoking clients, is that they aren’t smokers.  They are somebody who was born without the need to smoke, and simply picked up the habit along the way for a multitude of reasons. 

By simply removing this self imposed label, oftentimes through hypnosis, leaving smoking behind can be one of the easiest ventures one can undertake. 

Take control of your life and embrace the change you’ve been longing for with Miami Florida Hypnosis. Our renowned hypnotherapists in Miami specialize in breaking the chains of smoking by rewiring your subconscious attitudes towards cigarettes. You weren’t born needing to smoke; let us help you remember that. Make the call today and schedule a hypnosis therapy session in Miami. Shed the label and discover how effortless becoming a non-smoker can be. Contact Miami Florida Hypnosis now to embark on your journey towards a healthier, smoke-free life. Embrace the power of change. Your transformation begins here.

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