I want you to imagine your favorite sports team, or at least any of the games you have seen in the past.  Then, I want you to think about the pre-game rituals that the players partake in. 

Maybe you have seen all the members of the football team in a huddle, jumping in unison and “pumping themselves up” with loud chants relating to maximum effort, becoming fearless, and obtaining victory. 

Or quite possibly, you can think of the basketball arena becoming dark, the announcer getting on the loudspeaker and proclaiming the members of the home team, while the fans go berserk with cheer. 

Have you ever wondered exactly why these rituals take place?

I’m assuming you never put too much thought into it and merely took them as commonplace, as most do.

However, if we take a second to examine exactly what is happening, we can understand the effectiveness of these rituals.

What is literally happening is that the players (and even the fans) are getting into what’s known as “state,” raising and/or altering their energies and vibrations to achieve a necessary mode of being in order to properly manage the upcoming challenges. 

Let’s look at an example of the pre-game rituals for football players. Gathering together, cheering each other on, moving aggressively, and reassuring each other that they are about to fight… together.

This act will raise the confidence and energy levels of the players to a maximum degree, reducing fear and heightening awareness.  It’s safe to say that this new “state” is far better than if they were to simply walk out on the field in a relaxed or normal mode of being.  Being “pumped” and ready for action physically will lead to higher performance. 

They literally put themselves in a “state.”

State management, however, is not something that is reserved for elite athletes. 

Many facets of our every-day lives can range from being thoroughly enjoyed to completely terrifying, simply depending on our mood or state. 

Giving a presentation in front of peers can be extremely empowering if approached with the proper energy. 

Attending a job interview can go poorly if a state of anxiety and fear is present. 

It is important to understand that emotions lead to thoughts.  That has been and will always be the case.  You know this because not getting enough rest and being grumpy will cause your mind to tell you the day will be brutal.  Transversely, being energized and rested greatly increases a positive outlook.

Even knowing the day of the week can effect your state naturally.  Everybody seems to enjoy that “Friday” feel. 

But why does Friday “feel” different than a Monday?  This is because the surrounding environment and situation of your life dictate how you feel internally.  This is only natural.  A rainy day feels far different from chirping birds.

However, what if you could control how you feel in each and every moment?  What if you could actually manage your state to achieve any mood or mode of being you so choose?

With hypnosis and NLP, this is not only possible but also one of the most effective strategies for engaging in the world. 

Without diving into great detail, NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the study of how you perceive and interpret your environment.  What senses are being taken in and when, causing shifts in emotions and thoughts?

Have you ever heard a song from your youth and immediately experienced a sense of nostalgia?  Thats NLP.

Have you ever smelled a perfume that reminded you of an ex-lover and made you sad?  Thats NLP.

Before an uncomfortable conversation, do you picture it in your mind going bad, leading to fear and stress?

Or have you ever told yourself multiple times, “I can do this, I can do this,” while jumping up and down before a big presentation or meeting?  That is NLP.

The ways in which we experience the world through our senses dictate our moods and thoughts. 

Most people simply do not realize they have the power to choose how they feel.  How would they? Nobody most likely ever taught them that.  The problem with existing in that manner is that emotions can run a muck (which is why many often come across as moody). 

If things are going well, I feel positive and light.  If I get a traffic ticket, I’m grumpy. 

At Miami Florida Hypnosis, we empower our clients to literally choose how they want to feel.  To raise and stay in the proper vibration at will.

The ability to harness this skill is one of the most beneficial endeavors one can undertake.  Being able to properly manage your state is a superpower that can greatly lead to the expansion of life in a variety of ways. 

Higher energy, greater productivity, enhanced mood, a positive outlook, and uplifting thoughts lead to heightened experiences. 

When hypnosis is combined with NLP, the effects can become deeply engrained. 

Choosing how to feel in each moment is taking complete control of one’s own existence.  Thats NLP.

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