When thinking about the term and effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, many assume that this serious condition occurs as a result of going to war.  As we know, one of the main consequences for many soldiers and those who fight for our country are the alarming and detrimental effects of PTSD.  This is a very sad reality for many.

Also, as practitioners of hypnotherapy, we believe that PTSD can be a result of many other negative occurrences in life.  Events that occur, such as the death of a loved one, a horrific car accident, a moment of public embarrassment, or even a horrific breakup or betrayal, can result in experiencing the symptoms of PTSD.

Post traumatic stress disorder can cause a variety of negative consequences.  Depression, fears, and the inability to fully conceptualize and accept what happened in the past lead to extremely negative emotions, behaviors, and lifestyles. 

At Miami Florida Hypnosis, our practitioners use the power of hypnosis to enable our clients to reach a place of acceptance of the past, allowing them to move forward properly. 

By holding onto the atrocities, mistakes, or moments of life that can be so disturbing, the ability to see clearly into the future gets fogged.  Wishing moments didn’t take place is a natural occurrence, however, to spend a lifetime wishing for a result that cannot and will not come to pass will mostly cause regret and dissolution. 

If one can look at their own actions and the unfolding events, as something that happened as a result of many factors out of there control (or some in there control), acceptance of the reality of life can be absorbed.  By achieving a state of radical acceptance, the veil of depression and negativity can be lifted.

In fact, many of the things that we go through are simply learning experiences.  When we can decide to take away the things that will enable us to be stronger and better for the future while coming to grips with our past as events that we went through that can’t be undone, a new positive outlook on the future can be opened.

The hypnotic state is a wonderful place to view and conceptualize our past from a state of empowerment and wisdom.  Valuable lessons can be learned and absorbed, and negativity of all sorts can be easily remedied. 

Sometimes moments are out of our control, and have nothing to do with us.  Other times, it is our own doing that can cause tragedy.  Maybe even, both can exist at the same time.  

The valuable lesson is that moments can not be undone, as much as we wish they could be.  We cannot undo the actions we take or that are taken against us.  However, we can choose to radically accept that they occurred, which can free us from the burden of the past, and allow us to see our future. 

For those seeking to embrace new chapters in life with clarity and strength, Miami Florida Hypnosis stands as a beacon of change. Our dedicated hypnotherapists in Miami offer personalized hypnosis therapy designed to empower you to let go of the burdens of your past. Don’t let old patterns dictate your future. Seize the transformative power of hypnosis and chart a path toward healing and self-discovery. Are you ready to radically accept and grow beyond what once held you back? Contact Miami Florida Hypnosis today and start your journey to a brighter tomorrow. Book your session now and unlock the potential within.

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