It is said that no one is perfect.  A truer statement has never been stated.

Mistakes and failures are not only a fact of life but often necessary in order to learn and grow.  It is through struggles that we find strength. 

The issue for many is that knowledge of past failures often keeps people from moving forward or trying new things.  Also, some have the tendency to develop negative opinions about themselves, leading to all kinds of negative personal beliefs, which can be very damaging to the overall mental health of the client.

There is a very powerful and true concept that can lead to the alleviation of negative self-worth and fears with regards to failures from the past.  That message is, “Everything in the past is just a learning experience.” 

Not only is this true, but it is also very freeing.  Everything we have ever done, where a mistake occurred, was simply a chance for us to learn and grow. 

It’s as simple as that. 

The mind can be trained to view life as an opportunity to not only have the freedom to make mistakes, but to know that is where growth happens.  When that concept is deeply internalized, the past becomes something to be viewed with gratitude, and the future shifts into a world of possibilities. 

Hope, optimism, curiosity, and the ability to move forward with those empowering emotional responses become the new way of being.

Goals are not only created, but strived for and worked towards.

Nagging emotions such as guilt and remorse that were once clung to causing negative emotions and behaviors are left behind.

New patterns of productivity, health, and prosperity ensue.

The freedom to fall down and get back up again is our right and should be understood at the deepest levels.  Once this level of acceptance about the nature of our existence is fully comprehended, a new lightness for interacting in our world will be achieved.

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