A common running joke whenever we meet new clients interested in hypnosis is, “You aren’t going to make me cluck like a chicken, are you?”

And the answer always is “no, because you aren’t coming in for chicken clucking.”. 

Hypnosis can take many forms and produce many results.  Stage hypnosis gains the most popularity because, let’s face it, we can all agree its the most entertaining.

But why does it work, you ask?  Because the people brought to the stage want to be up there and hypnotized.  And yes, they DO want to cluck like chickens. 

This is the true power of hypnosis!

When a client comes into our office, whether it’s for increased confidence or motivation, that’s exactly what they get.  Because the subconscious mind is craving those results.

The stage hypnotist knows this is how hypnosis works.  Therefore, they are highly trained to pick out the 5–10 most eager and willing participants out of 200.  Those select few are brought to the stage—the ones who want to be up there for such an experience.

Nervous, or unwilling members of the crowd are left to enjoy the show.

When you come into our office, we presume you want to feel better.  You need to feel better.  You desire an absence of anxiety more than anything, and that is exactly what is obtained.

Oh, and we can also do that chicken thing if you are interested.

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