We all want to be accepted in one way or another.  Whether it’s from our social circle, our families, or the workplace,.  Being a part of a social structure or “tribe” is deeply embedded in our human DNA and can have profound positive effects on our well-being and general happiness.  We are in fact social creatures, and without a network of friends that we can rely on, share, and connect with, we can find ourselves lonely with high amounts of despair.

However, having too much concern about the opinions of others can have detrimental effects.  Worrying or trying to ascertain what others are thinking about us can lead to extreme anxiety, maybe even in those moments that should be rather pleasant and enjoyable, like a social function.

Assuming you will be mocked for fully expressing yourself can cause retraction and actually heighten your fear of judgment. 

Being heightened and hyper-aware about what others are thinking about you actually deprives you of the present moment, keeps your spirit locked away, and activates anxiety and other detrimental emotions.

The main problem with worrying about what others are thinking is that the odds that you are able to guess with any degree of accuracy about the thoughts going on in another person’s mind are basically zero.  Also, it is the rare person who has a hyper-concern about the thoughts of others and believes someone is thinking positively about them.  Almost all of the thoughts are self-critical.

Another issue with overanalyzing the thoughts of others is that it creates a hyper-focus on the self.  It is a self-consuming endeavor, which leads to feelings of being self-conscious.  When we are self-conscious, we are not operating from our spirit; we are not at play and allowing our energy to flow outward.

I can use a simple example.  When someone is dancing and expressing themselves in their purest form, as soon as they think about how they are dancing, the fluidity ceases.  It becomes mechanical, clunky, and rather uncomfortable. 

The obsessive thought process about the concern of others opinions literally strips one of there spirit and humanity, creating fears, depression, and despair. 

Hypnosis is an amazing and powerful tool for releasing the mind from this burden. 

One strategy is to analyze and determine any events or messages that led to such a concern.  Another remedy is a very simple message that can become firmly imbedded into the deepest levels of the subconscious mind, and that is “most people are more concerned about themselves.” A truer statement has never been made.

There is a fine line between wanting to present and orient yourself properly in the world and obsessing about others thoughts.  For example, of course, going to a job interview requires you to dress appropriately and communicate properly.  Mainly because you want others to believe you are competent in many domains.  When going on a first date, most would like to present themselves as attractive as possible.

However, there is a difference between showing up in the world in a proper manner and constantly ruminating about the opinions of others.

Being accepted by our peers is a deeply engrained survival mechanism that should be honored and is necessary for our overall health and happiness. 

Letting that incessant worry about our own acceptance and judgment from others be detrimental to our health in a variety of ways. 

Hypnosis can teach the mind quickly to let go of all concerns, focus on being the best you can, and just let that be okay.

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